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Paul Kohler, KohlerP LLC

KohlerP LLC is the leading expert in automation solutions for laboratories, medical practices and manufacturing plants in central Pennsylvania since 1988. If your business is ready to move to the next level, KohlerP LLC has the experience and skill to increase the productivity of your team.

Business Automation Solutions

Are you struggling with an Excel spreadsheet or Access database? Maybe you’re using pen and paper to manage sales, inventory, payroll, or other business applications. There’s a better way. KohlerP LLC will automate your repetitive tasks, so you can focus on your business.

  • Access programming
  • Excel automation (VBA coding)
  • Automation solutions
  • Electronic laboratory notebooks and software
  • Application development
  • Desktop and network upgrades

KohlerP LLC has helped many businesses and organizations in central Pennsylvania. See what one satisfied client has to say:

“Thank you Paul for all that you have done for our Committee. It was a pleasure working with you. Your calm demeanor allowed the flow of communication to run smoothly. You understood exactly what we needed and expedited it quickly. Your expertise in ACCESS, SQL and Macros have given me the tools necessary to query my database efficiently, not to mention the cost savings that this has allowed our committee. I will definitely use your services again and would recommend you to anyone needing help simplifying database manipulation.”Patricia Kabel
Republican Campaign Committeewoman

Client Reports with a Click of a Button

Generating client reports takes you away from the job that you were meant to do. Whether you’re creating proposals, invoices, receipts, or status reports, KohlerP LLC can turn a laborious task into simply a click of a button. If your computer applications aren’t providing the functionality and reporting that you need to run your business efficiently, contact KohlerP LLC.

See what some of KohlerP LLC’s clients have to say about their automation and reporting solution:

Dave Romeo seminars

Dave Romeo, Primary Seminars and Coaching

“One of the best things about working with Paul Kohler is he gets it. You show him a good idea and he keeps on tweaking it until it becomes a great idea with an easy application. I can’t even measure how much convenience his innovations have added to my life.”

Dave Romeo

tim weaver hammock specialties

Tim Weaver, 2Q ZQ Hammock Specialties

“Paul goes the extra mile! Paul was able to help correct some problems and relieve some frustration with my home business website. We worked in the evening over the phone with a remote viewer. Quick and painless. Thanks Paul!”

Tim Weaver

Outsourcing the Sales Cycle

Your business needs to focus on its core strengths to succeed that’s why KohlerP LLC provides business development solutions to automate your sales cycle. Finally, you can focus on the work that you do better than anyone else and let KohlerP LLC:

  • Build lists
  • Generate leads
  • Prospect for clients
  • Manage the sales cycle
  • Close the business

KohlerP LLC’s out of the box problem solving generates solutions that will identify and eliminate all of the distractions at the office while leveraging the real work that gets results. These information technology consulting services automate repititive tasks and eliminate IT headaches:

  • Excel automation (VBA coding)
  • Access programming
  • WordPress blogs and websites
  • Desktop, server, printer upgrades (local only)

Click here to contact KohlerP LLC to discuss the automation solution for your business.

Paul Kohler’s Experience

Paul has held a variety of positions from programmer to IT Director while working “inside” the plant and also held technical sales positions “outside” the plant. With Paul’s diverse background, you can rest assured that not only will he take care of your technical needs he will do it right the first time. As client Dave Romeo puts it, “he gets it. You show him a good idea and he keeps on tweaking it until it becomes a great idea with an easy application.”

All told, Paul has more than 25 years experience in numerous verticals including:

  • Medical device
  • Biotech
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Chemical
  • Food
  • Automotive
  • Repetitive and custom manufacturing

In addition to Paul’s advanced knowledge of Excel and Access, Paul understand these programming languages: COBOL, xBase, SQL, ASP, PHP and JScript.

Along with these technical applications: ERP, CRM, EBRS, ELN, LIMS, SAP, DRP and CRP.

Paul regularly upgrades his skills. He is a graduate of the Sales Academy and the Leadership Academy. Paul is also an Ultimate Service Provider.

sales academy graduate leadership academy graduate ultimate service provider badge

On a personal note, Paul is a board member at Camp Conquest, a Christian nonprofit camp located in Lancaster County, and also on the board of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services - Lancaster.

If you have any questions about how Paul can help your business, contact him anytime and he’ll be happy to discuss your options:

Kohlerp LLC