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Electronic lab notebooks

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LABTrack electronic lab notebook

As a scientist, you care about your work. That’s why you’ll like the award-winning LABTrack Electronic Laboratory Notebook, because it will improve your lab’s productivity and improve communication within the team while paying for itself in just five short months. Most importantly, the electronic lab notebook improves the science. If you could use a lab notebook whose technology will actually assist your scientific experimentation and research, would you use it?

->See how easy is it to use LABTrack Electronic Lab Notebook. Watch this short video

Who Is The Lab Notebook For?

The LABTrack Electronic Laboratory Notebook is a flexible piece of equipment that is suited for all scientists and labs.

Designed for all scientists

This electronic lab notebook addresses the needs of all scientific disciplines and in all types of laboratories. It is the one software program that can bring together all of your organization’s research, development and production laboratory data. It’s “where science is stored in the 21st century!”

Not only is it software to store your science, the LABTrack is a platform to improve productivity, drive innovation and creative thought while protecting intellectual property and mission critical data. No more mountains of paper! Instead, you’ll have the institutional knowledge of your entire lab at your fingertips.

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Designed for all laboratories

Likewise, any type of laboratory will find value in LABTrack, because it’s customizable and easy to use. Production and QC labs will like the user defined templates and forms while research and development operations will like the easy to use free-form flexibility.

LABTrack provides portability and better protection than paper labs notebooks. The electronic lab notebook is a platform useful to all lab types and sizes to create and store knowledge. Hundreds of laboratories across the world trust LABTrack’s lab notebook in all types of industries:

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Biopharmaceuticals
  • Chemicals
  • Petrochemicals
  • Advanced materials
  • Electronics
  • Environmental samples

Wherever there is science, there are LABTrack electronic laboratory notebooks.

Finally, no matter your laboratory’s regulatory compliance requirements, the electronic lab notebook makes it simple with electronic signature, forms validation and automated calculations. LABTrack is designed to simplify compliance with FDA, EPA, OSHA, DOE and state regulations. The U.S. Courts and the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office consider the LABTrack laboratory notebook to be as valid as paper.

If you would like more information about LABTrack contact KohlerP LLC.

Why Use LABTrack’s Electronic Lab Notebook?

Imagine the time that you would save being able to quickly search and find results from experiments or procedures done weeks or even years ago.

  • Has someone done something similar?
  • What method did they follow?
  • What results were generated?

If your lab’s data was stored in a LABTrack notebook these types of searches are easy to do.

With LABTrack, you can harness the power of the entire lab’s knowledge in moments. That’s why the electronic lab notebook is used by hundreds of laboratories worldwide. Anywhere where there is scientific discipline, you’ll find LABTrack.

Why do so many prominent laboratories use the electronic lab notebook? An independent Indiana University/Purdue University study showed a 15% productivity improvement in the university pharmaceutical research lab studied. The study found that lab workers spent less time documenting their work and more time at the bench doing science. If you would like results like that, watch the short video to see how easy it is to use LABTrack’s software:

->See how easy is it to use LABTrack Electronic Lab Notebook. Watch this short video

With electronic lab notebooks, no longer will you need to chase down people or paperwork to find the information that you need. The lab notebook eliminates distractions and lets you focus on your experimentation and research. Leverage you and your colleagues’ time even further with the subscription function: easily create subscriptions that will automatically send emails to the people who need to know automatically.

Let’s talk numbers for a second. LABTrack has found that an investment in the LABTrack Team edition for 10 users pays for itself in less than 5 months! Larger organizations will save even more. Check out the LABTrack Return on Investment Calculator to see how much electronic lab notebooks can save your lab.