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Microsoft Programming | VBA, Excel and Access Automation

You probably already use Microsoft Excel and Access for your business keeping list of customer names, expenses, or employees to name a few examples. But did you know that KohlerP LLC can automate nearly every repetitive task in Excel or Access cutting the time that it takes to complete these laborious tasks to zero?! Take a look at some of the most common ways that we use Microsoft Office to automate your business, and ask yourself how much you could grow if you didn’t spend a minute of your or your staff’s time taking care of it…

Excel formulas

  • Creating reports that update themselves
  • Determining your most effective team members or most profitable customers
  • Manipulating customer lists to make more sales

Excel calculations

  • Automated profit and loss statements
  • Always knowing whether your business is profitable or not
  • Calculating how much profit you will make with ease
  • Business growth forecasting without lifting a finger

Conditional statements in Excel

  • Visually represent business metrics
  • Know when your business has reached a new milestone

Access Forms

  • Maintain actionable customer profiles
  • Make reporting a snap
  • Make changes in all databases easier

Access Reports

  • Automate reports to others in the organizations or to clients or customers
  • Analyze data in a blink of an eye
  • Turn data into something you can do something with

Access Queries

  • Synthesize your data for new customer incites
  • Learn more about your business than you ever thought possible
  • Leverage all of your data to create actionable intelligence

Access Tables

  • Build a customer database
  • Inventory your products conveniently
  • Make your data easily accessible

To make a long story short, your business is reinventing the wheel dozens if not hundreds of times every week, when Microsoft Office automation solutions like these could eliminate the time that it takes to complete even the most complex repetitive task:

  • Programmed forms
  • Professionally designed screens with menus, buttons, checkboxes, and other options
  • Well-written sets of code to automate any and all tasks
  • Code to automate processes native to Outlook, Excel and Access
  • Code run out of an excel workbook or access database, totally unrelated to Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Access, to automate other Windows tasks

If you know what you need done, great, give Paul Kohler at a call at (717) 392-4362 or use our contact form to get your job done fast and effectively. On the other hand, maybe this idea has struck a chord with you. Maybe you’re kicking yourself for slaving away in front of a spreadsheet or database for hours on end. Maybe you need a comprehensive audit to see what VBA programming can do for your business processes. In that case, call Paul (717) 392-4362 to discuss your needs. There’s no obligation to reach out to KohlerP LLC and to learn how programming code can automate the tasks that you do day in and day out in Excel, Access, Outlook and Windows for your business.