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New Customer Acquisition

If your business isn’t growing, it’s dying. Acquiring new business is the lifeblood of any successful business, but it’s often not the business’s core competency. Chances are your strength is providing a service or a product that is second to none but not sales. KohlerP LLC is different because sales and marketing is what we do best. Paul Kohler has been streamlining businesses and growing their share of the market since 1988 in Central Pennsylvania and beyond. Here’s KohlerP LLC’s two-step process to increase your profits and grow your customer base:

Automation solutions

KohlerP LLC has the automation solution that will minimize or completely eliminate the time that it takes to complete repetitive tasks and reporting requirements for your business. For more check out the automation solutions page.

Growing your customer base

With a focus on the life science industry, KohlerP LLC is celebrating more than 25 years of growing business in our region. KohlerP LLC has been helping businesses for decades because of its profitable approach. First, it’s listening. It’s critical that KohlerP LLC understand your business and the customers or clients that you serve. From this foundation, we’ll build a customized strategy to turn your market into leads, leads into qualified prospects, and prospects into paying customers. Your business’s unique prospecting plan is all about results, and KohlerP LLC will report those results to you every step of the way.

Our tactics are practical and time-tested:

Prospecting list development

Bad prospecting lists equal bad results. We come alongside you and learn your business inside and out, so that we can build a list of prospects that have been waiting for your product or service. We have access to premium tools and have the experience to build lists that are in line with your business’s goals shaving hours off of the time that it takes from square one to customer.

Lead qualification

The only thing worse than a bad list is bad lead qualification. Unqualified leads don’t convert into paying customers, so KohlerP LLC separates the wheat from the chaff for you. Our lead qualification system leaves only the people the potential customers that are ready to buy.


The telephone? Yes! Call us contrarians, but there are few tactics that deliver results like having a real-time conversation with a decision maker. You’ll see results more quickly and consistently with our experience in the telemarketing industry and our record of success turning conversations into cash.

Email marketing

Compelling offers and compelling content keep your customers engaged and coming back. Meaningful emails also keep potential customers connected to your business, so when they are ready to buy you are on the top of their mind.

Database management

A robust database for your business includes everyone from your current customers to people who haven’t heard of your product or service yet but will soon! Often, these groups along your sales cycle are segmented even further to get the best results. KohlerP LLC builds and manages databases for you, so that potential customers are seamlessly moving through your sales cycle and your building long-lasting relationships with current customers.

It’s the system and the execution

To produce real results, you need two things: a process to acquire new business and to put that system into practice. KohlerP LLC develops the plan and works that plan to build your customer base, so that you can focus on developing your product or service and delivering either to your customers.

It’s easy to get started and there is no obligation to explore working with Paul Kohler. Please to go our contact page or simply call (717) 392-4362. If your business is ready to move to the next level, KohlerP LLC has the experience and skill to increase your book of business.